Shipping and handling

Before shipping the work is disassembled and each of the parts is wrapped separately. My works are very easy to reassemble – in a few minute you’ll have them sitting on your shelf.

Shipping method: I use the Express Mail Services (EMS Israel), which, from experience, is very reliable. If you’d rather a different shipping method please contact me before placing an order.

The work will be sent within 3 business days.

Though using the express method, in some cases shipment might take up to 30 days due to bad weather, unexpected delays, etc.

Order Cancelation:

You may cancel your order within 1 business day and get a full refund.


Refunds will only be given if the work is lost or broken during shipment process. If the part that is broken can be replaced (a part of a modular sculpture which is made of a few different pieces) I’ll send you a replacing part.
Since we are dealing with glass works that are hard to package properly I cannot accept returns. However, if you are not fully satisfied with the art work please contact me immediately and I’d be more than happy to resolve any issue or compensate you in some other way.

Trust, Security and Privacy:

Paying using Paypal protects your money and information

We all know that the internet is full of con-artists and you should be aware of them! However, when you buy using PayPal your private information is totally secured and in addition you are entitled to PayPal protection (in case of frauds you get your money back). That’s why I always recommend using Paypal and not your credit card when it comes to buying from a private seller.

Your billing address is secured!

During the selling process I take your address (for shipping purposes). The address form is a secured form and I will never use your personal data for any purpose other than shipping.

For further information please visit the Privacy Policy page.

If you have any questions you are more than welcome to contact me:

Skype: mczeisler

Or send me a message using the contact me page.